Travel Log

The Joys of Travelling

My parents were the kind of people who took us away on vacation to different spots every year. At Christmas time we went out to different restaurants from different cultures so we got a taste of what the world had to offer! I remember one dinner out featured belly dancers - my brothers love that! My father, always the comedian, used to imitate the accents of the culture while my mother guessed the spices used in the cooking of the meal. This spurred on an early love of travel for me, and a deep appreciation for different cultures.

I've been blessed to marry a man who loves traveling as well - our honeymoon was spent backpacking around India, sampling all of it spices and smells, scenery and craziness! That was 20 years ago, and today it's still one of my favorite countries to go back to.

After years of traveling and discovering treasures all over the world, I decided to bring little discoveries home, by way of my company Snapdragon. Snapdragon is a natural extension of my own personal style. It's a seasonless brand of clothing for women who travel - or dream of traveling - to exotic faraway lands and who enjoy a lifestyle that is every bit as luxurious as it is Bohemian!

Wanderlust lives in all of us - travel safely .


Xx Pam