Juna, Gut Therapy

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Doctor formulated, Gut Therapy (80 capsules) is the ultimate gut reset and repair. With 95% of our serotonin, 70% of our immunity, and 50% of dopamine created in our gut, optimal gut health is centric to lowering stress, boosting mood, improving immunity, supporting healthy blood glucose levels, boosting metabolism, and enhancing vitality.* Treat this as your new multivitamin since healing starts within your gut.

Supports with:

  • Full gut repair + intestinal health
  • Balances Metabolism + Blood Glucose Levels
  • Leaky Gut, IBS, IBD
  • Reduces belly fat, bloat, gas, nausea, and indigestion
  • Aids in lean muscle development
  • Gut Immunity (fights off harmful viruses and bacteria)
  • Gut/Brain Axis: Mood Support, Boosts Serotonin
  • Enhances the Effects of a Low FODMAP Diet
  • Healthy cellular aging

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