En Shallah, Woven Bag

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Over the last 4 years En Shalla has worked on a project embroidering recycled food bags in and outside Marrakech, Morocco. We work with recycled plastic bags that would have originally been used to carry industrial quantities of rice, couscous, flour and other commodity foods.

The bags are hand embroidered weaving different materials through the plastic grid like squares on the outside of the sacs.  

We work with women groups in and around Marrakech.  Women in rural areas outside Marrakech are sometimes not able to work due to the social environment they live in and one of the beautiful things about this project is we are able to take it to them.  This gives them a skill and an income.

En Shalla Food Bag project is now a charity

We have now decided to form a charity in Morocco where we will concentrate on educating people in and around these villages in Marrakech.

We want to help people to learn to read and write, as these are fundamental aspects of human life that everybody should be given the opportunity to have. We will start doing this by using part of the profits from our Food bag project to send a tutor to different villages, buying pens and paper  and giving lessons in basic reading and writing skills.

Knitted lamb leather panels joined together with raw hemp inserts

Magnet top closure

Height 45 cm -Width 45 cm -Handles 27 cm -Bottom depth 12 cm 

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Color Inkwell Blue

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